Storm and Swedish Partner Up
Both work to promote women’s health

As the 20th anniversary of the WNBA is upon us in full swing, the franchise has been partnering up with lots of organizations and nonprofit groups to help highlight not only women’s basketball, but other important causes as well. One of those causes is the health of the citizens in the Northwest region. To help highlight this important facet of life, the Seattle Storm has decided to partner up with Swedish Hospitals, making them the official medical provider of the team. The team has even decorated their jerseys with the name of the health provider.

Swedish Medical Group consists of more than 100 primary care clinics for both primary and specialty needs. It is a nonprofit health provider that operates five hospitals. To highlight the event, both rookie Breanna Stewart and Sue Bird were sporting jerseys with the new logo across them at the press event. Storm President and General Manager Alisha Valavanis expressed excitement about the partnership, saying, “Today is a special day for our organization. This moment is truly a culmination of a lot of time, energy and vision around a special partnership. This partnership is special in that it started with an alignment of mission, vision and values. We sat in a room, and the energy was electric as we talked about how we can do something special. It certainly starts with the world-class medical care that Swedish can provide our athletes. But the richness in this partnership is around the community, to know that we’re going to do things in the Seattle community to make a difference.”

The partnership is set to maintain for several years, making it the longest lasting partnership in the history of the team. Swedish will be hosting a Storm Academy each year and will be working closely with the Storm to help promote women’s health and wellness. Garfield Community Center will also be hosting lots of skill sessions and player appearances through the partnership. Seattle Storm Head Coach Jenny Boucek also says that the partnership will help explore the science behind basketball in the community, saying, “And a big determinant in the success of players and teams is their health. We can’t wait to brainstorm, figure out ways to prevent injuries and just maximize their physical and mental abilities.”

What do you think of the new partnership? While most fans seem pleased about the partnership itself, some are not pleased about the placement of the logo.

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